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Champagne Charlier & Fils offers something rare and almost unique in Champagne: we are one of only two champagne houses to age all their wines in immense oak vats that we call “tonneaux”.

Our ancestors were both coopers and wine makers; they understood the wonderful alchemy that takes places between the wood and the wine, the subtle nuances that the old wooden “tonneaux” can bring to the flavours and aromas. We’ve carried on that tradition since 1892 and we’re proud of the wonderful complexity and extraordinary flavours it brings to our champagnes.

You can’t help but feel this long tradition when you step into our unique vat room where 57 huge “tonneaux”, many with elaborate decorations carved into them, are lined up side-by-side just as they have been for 5 generations.

The grapes we use to make our champagnes come from very old vines which means they yield only a modest volume of fruit, but this is more than compensated by the additional maturity of the grapes which allows us to make wines of outstanding quality.

Our vineyards are located in 5 villages all very close to our family home on the right bank of La Vallée de La Marne. We use all three of the classic champagne grapes in our blends, but Pinot Meunier is the dominant varietal which lends our champagnes their soft, supple aromas and exceptional fruitiness.

The tiny bubbles in our champagnes are thanks to their ageing potential which allows us to leave the wines in our cellars to mature on lees for extended periods. The minimum ageing is between 3 and 4 years, but our vintage champagnes are aged for up to 10 years during which they develop a remarkable array of aromas whilst still retaining a wonderful freshness.

Of course, you’d expect us to say good things about our champagnes, but other people think they’re good too. Indeed, Champagne Charlier is a founder member of the prestigious Club Trésors de Champagne which was created back in 1971 and whose membership is strictly limited to the very few champagne makers who can satisfy the stringent quality standards and pass the demanding tasting tests required of its members.

With 57 reasons, and more, to enjoy Champagne Charlier & Fils, we think you’ll find one that is just right for you.

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