Ratafia Champenois

Intense and voluptuous

Ratafia Champenois is an authentic moment of pure sweetness and pleasure. It is made traditionally from Champenois grape juice with the addition of an eau de vie called Fine de La Marne. Just like our champagnes, we leave it to age in barrels for 3 years.

Tasting notes :

A real amber nectar, Ratafia Champenois reveals a nose full of finesse with pear and honey aromas. Its rounded, silky and agreeably vivacious mouthfeel leaves an impression of freshness all the way up to a long finish, lightly spiced and brimming with fruit flavours. Delicious as an aperitif, it also goes wonderfully with well-ripened cheeses for a remarkable and original pairing. Ideal for accompanying a fried foie gras deglazed with Ratafia, or a fruit salad, especially melon. It also makes an original base for cocktails.