Vieux Marc Champenois

Powerful and aromatic

This spirit (40% alcohol) is obtained by distilling marc de raisin, pressed grapes that have been fermented and deseeded, and come exclusively from our Champenois terroir.

Tasting notes :

After several years spent ageing in an oak cask, the Vieux Marc de Champagne develops an attractive old gold robe that hints at its mature quality. This marc exudes mature grape flavours with very pronounced woody and fruity aromas. It can be enjoyed at room temperature as a digestive at the end of a meal, accompanied by a cigar, or as a long drink. In cooking, it can be used to aromatise a sauce, flambée meat or flavour an ice cream or sorbet (in particular the famous “trou Champenois”, a sorbet served between 2 courses to revive the appetite).

Carafe of 0.70 l and Magnum of 1.50 l


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