CLUB 2006

Spécial Club Millésime 2006

Excellence and Finesse

This champagne wine embodies the excellence of the House. Made from carefully selected grapes coming only from our oldest vines, the Spécial Club is a most sublime expression of the Charlier & Fils style.

Blend :

70 % Chardonnay
15 % Pinot Meunier
15 % Pinot Noir

Tasting notes :

A great vintage, balanced and refined with a very fine sparkle. The smoothness is given pride of place and exalted by the extreme finesse of the Chardonnay grape, the main variety used in the blends. The nose of deliciously satisfying aromas of flowers is amplified on the palate. Next, a wonderful sensation of minerality structures the palate, enhanced by black cherries. This exceptional cuvée will be greatly appreciated by connoisseurs as an aperitif. It also goes perfectly with fish, sweet and savoury dishes and creamy meats.

Product Description

As a founding member of the Club Trésors de Champagne since its creation in 1971, we have to meet very strict viticultural quality requirements as well as arranging tastings of each vintage by qualified oenologists and winemakers.

Each vintage is unique, a singular expression of the grapes’ distinctive qualities in one exceptional year.

Vinification in oak casks (large-capacity barrels): 8 months on average.

This Spécial Club Millésime 2006 displays amazing finesse after 12 years’ rest in the cellar.

After 14 years spent maturing, the Brut Millésimé 2006 is a complex wine that reveals the fullest expression of the year and reflects the Charlier & Fils style. It is very well-suited to ageing.

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